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Pressure Bucket Glue Machine ZCX-DJ331

Station: single position, double Y axis, can be continuous point glue
Trajectory: point, line, circle, arc, curve, etc
Glue barrel: 2.6L capacity glue barrel
Glue: silica gel, epoxy resin, red glue, UV glue, black glue, etc
Application: mobiles phones housing, mobiles phones keys, electronic components, computer motherboards, speakers and other products

ZCX pressure bucket glue machine, single double station can be ed, the glue speed is fast, can continuously point glue, applicable various LED, electron, handicraft, automobiles industry and other fields, welcome to visit the factory. 


Equipment introduction:
1. It has the functions of drawing, line, arc and circle, continuous filling of irregular curves, etc.
2. Arbitrary point, line, surface, circular arc and other irregular curve continuous point glue function.
3. The area array of XY, the translation and rotation function, the anti-material tray, the positioning of different work.
4. Support three-axis space linear interpolation, three-axis space arc interpolation, elliptic arc interpolation;
5. Support the import function of computer graphics, can import PLT files, TCF files and G code files;

1) the machine is a special type of 2600ml packing machine, which is 8 times the capacity of the traditional 300ml packaging, and its characteristics are satisfied
2) lid mould opening for our custom conjoined structure, compared to his house, aluminum barrel safer, more pressure bucket thickness to 5-6 mm, and equipped with explosion-proof barrels of rubber and the outer cylinder, greatly improve the safety and reliability;Thickness thickness to 5-6mm,
3) the machine has automatic discharge pressure function. When the air pressure is larger than 7KG, the pressure bucket will automatically unload the pressure.
4) with the company special type to back a large amount of rubber silicone profssional dispensing valve, using materials imported from Japan seals, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, the glue is fast, fast break glue, design has excellent mechanical back to the suction device;


Technical parameters
Running speed: 300mm/s (displacement) (maximum speed: 500mm/s)
Operating accuracy: plus or minus 0.02mm (displacement)
Running track: point, line, box, circle
Adhesive precision: the amount of glue is plus or minus 2%, the proportion: plus or minus 2%
Input pressure range: 0.4-0.8MPa
Compression of head seal: MAX is less than 2.6Mpa
Operation mode: automatic and manual
Programming: teaching programming
Electronic control system: control panel (program setting, modification, storage, etc.)

Rated power: AC220V 50-60hz 1200W 


Model type working stroke (unit mm) dimensions machine weight
ZCX- dj31-y1 X axis 300mm * Y axis 300mm *Z axis 100mm 580mm520mm600mm 35KG
The ZCX- dj41-y1 X axis 400 mm* Y axis 400 mm* Z axis 100mm 620mm*680mm*600mm 45KG
Zcx-dj5551-y1 X 500 mm* Y axis 500 mm* Z axis 100mm 780mm*720mm*600mm 50KG
Note: more than X-500 * Y-500 * z-100 needs to be revised, and the size is not recommended to be greater than 60*600* 100mm.

Application scope of zhongchuangxin pressure bucket glue machine:
Used in mobiles phones shell, mobiles phones keys, radioses, fax machines, electronic components, capacitors, speakers, speakers, electronic board, PCB, small transformer, inductance coil, the ball bubble lamp, etc.

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